It'snot what you think!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, April 18, 2018

104°f fever design notes. Read at your own risk.

But read quietly. The high counsel of unblinking pillow people are watching. WATCHING! We are surrounded. But they only move when we do. They cannot talk to me if I can not smell! ...and my nose is so clogged that even Draino... WAIT! Nope. That is Cloreseptic. No, Nyquil. Yeah, pretty sure it is Nyquil. Only time will tell. I need to use the little Paladins room. But it is so far away. A holy quest. There can be only one! Maybe #2. In a Game of Porcelean Thrones you make it to the potty or you die. KING OF THE NURTH! Here I go! one will stand in my way! Nope. Still here. Under guard by the cold and heartless pillow creatures. But I have a plan. My previous sneak attack failed...  when I bit deep into the foamy core of one of my captors... which turned out not to be marhmallow. It left only the taste of posturepedic insulate in my mouth. Man, I wish I had taken my armor off before laying down. But my army is on the rise. They are green. And yellow. Green and yellow like an invasion force of color limited gummy bears. Like a bowl green M&Ms for rock stars.  I have a factory in my nose. It is not licensed. I no longer make games. I make the army of the future! But they are turning on me. I can hear them conspiring deep within my sinuses. Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal. I will stop them before they reach full power! My attempts to halt the factories production have failed. Fading in an out of consciousness it is hard to tell what is real from dream. It took me 5 tries to find the button to turn on my computer. Wait, this is my phone.

- EDIT -

hi guys. sorry, we asked him not to post, but once he finally realized the ice cream bar he was gnawing on was actually his phone, we really could not stop him. Last week Artix while recovering from a sinus infection, he got food poisoning, twice. He seemed fine on Friday. But by Saturday he had a high fever and some pretty serious symptoms. We told him to go to the Doctor, but you know how he is. "All natural! The body has to heal itself!" Resulting in this conversation with his wife on Monday morning.

Artix: I am good to go to work today!
Trini: No. No you're not.
Artix: Of course I am, my mind is as sharp as a knife.
Trini: Ok, can you get me the remote control for the TV then?
Artix: ...uh, where is it?
Trini: In the fridge. Where you put it...
Artix: O_O
Trini: ...again.

So he finally went to the Doctors and got some antibiotics. Just in time too. They are expecting Baby #3 literally any time now and he needs to be healthy for that. Everything is fine here on the AQ3D team. We are working hard. The World tree Part 2 is going into testing soon, and work is already underway on the Dragon's Graveyard. We reached out to Facebook about the login issues, and Facebook messaged us letting us know a patch went live fixing the issue. Necromancer is nearly ready for the PTR. Several major features have made significant progress too. Artix will have to update the Game Plan page when he is 100% operational again.

Hey! Did you think someone else wrote that? NOPE! It was me. Undercover. So the pillow beings and snot goblaniods would not know it was me. That is how we are gonna gettem. Subterfuge!  They are getting smartering by the moment. Gotta stay one step ahead of them before they become skynet. Like a Germ Skynet. The Germinator!

Am I even writing this? This is either the sickest I have been in a long while, or the best excuse ever to get out going to the gym with Zhoom.

NOTICE! Fever post. Artix is a goodie two shoes and does not (and never has) drink, smoke, nor use illegal substances. If you would like more fever posts, let us know, and wait until the next flu season.


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