Space Madness!

Glisel | Thursday, July 21, 2022

Something is out there!

Warlic received a distress signal from the moon. He crafted a potion for you that will send you to the moon’s surface… hopefully in one piece. On arrival, a distant, mechanical beeping lures you to the source of the distress signal. Something, or someone, is out there and needs your help!

James McAllister

A hard landing caused this Lunar Explorer’s ship heavy damage. James McAllister, and his repair droid Bud-E, need help finding critical pieces of their spaceship to complete the repairs.

XenoScythe Presence

Defend the ship from the XenoScythe as James and Bud-E finish the ship repairs. While you’re at it, see if you can find out what the XenoScythe are doing here and what happened to the rest of the ship’s crew.

Piecing it Together

The more evidence you find, the more concerned James McAllister feels for his crew and his own safety. What exactly happened here? Was it a trap? And what will happen to James if he can’t get off the moon?

P.S. We have hidden some references to our legacy game Mechquest, let us know if you find them.

Gear Up for a Moon Landing

You need to suit up in the right gear for a prolonged stay in space. Mix and match pieces from the various sets around the Space Explorer Bodysuit (armor) piece to make your own style. Plus, you can have your very own assistance droid!

Lunar Crafting (Cosmetics)

  • Wolf Explorer gear set
  • Rune Explorer gear set
  • Myst Explorer gear set
  • Sussy Explorer gear set
  • Shadow Explorer gear set
  • Bounty Explorer gear set

Lunar Gear Shop (DC)

  • Corrupted Spacesuit gear set
  • Bud-E Assistance Droid (pet)

Lunar Drops

  • Lunar Explorer armor set (Stats)
  • Explorer-117 gear set (Guardian Cosmetic)
  • Vector Spacesuit armor set (Cosmetic - does not need Space Explorer Bodysuit)

New Items in the 2022 Summer Collection!

The Summer Collection keeps getting better. We’ve added a few new goodies, also available to buy individually. If you already bought the Collection Chest, congratulations, you got these for free!

  • Nulgath Swimsuit (with tattoo!)
  • Fire Elemental Pet
  • Fire Elemental Travel Form
  • Water Elemental Pet
  • Water Elemental Travel Form

Last Chance

Doubly Daily Rewards ended Tuesday, July 19th.

  • DragonCrystal Bonus Sale ends next month! (August 10)
  • Summer Collection leaves September 14th

Thank you and… Next!

AdventureQuest 3D is getting better every week. The next dark chapter of the Nulgath Saga is currently in development. What horrors will you uncover during your journey beneath the Red Monastery with Victor and his Paladins? Meanwhile, we just have hired a new programmer and a new modeler/animator to help us improve the game. Next week we will be releasing our 1st ever bank pets along with an expansion to Nulgath Part 1. 

See you in game…
Battle on!

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