Still... at the lab.

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Here is an update on how the game jam is going.

Morale at the secret underground lab is at an all time high. It is 10pm... and a lot of the team is still there. 

This week the team was given the reward of "building whatever they wanted" in the 2019 Artix Game Jam. Projects include a MechQuest inspired flying mecha game, a game where you play as the janitor of a dungeon, a decision making card game where you crawl through a story dungeon, a game entirely dedicated to increasing the size of your sword, and more-- Zhoom has half of a web (WebGL) version of AdvetureQuest 3D already working, which is insane. Also, Llusion is making a pencil drawn game about hugging cats. It is legit heart warming.

As I write this it is at the end of Wednesday. All of the teams have working prototypes (for the most part). Pretty impressive considering the last time we did this way back in.... 2011? ...a third of the teams never finished their prototypes. With only two days left the time crunch has gotten extremely real. No one feels as far along as they wanted. If you ever watched one of those reality TV shows there they build stuff, it feels like we are at that halfway point of the show where it feels impossible to finish. This is one of the best reasons to join in a game jam or competition like this. It is in this moment, when you are pushed to your max, that you find out what you are really capable of.

Also, thank you to everyone who posted screenshots for me on Twitter. I saved a bunch of your shots of the new release and will be using them to make this week's news post and email newsletter :D Today's screenshot was by @Vexxana_AQ3D (Thank you!)


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