Summer is coming...

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, June 6, 2018

"Life's a beach, and then you dye."

Congratulations! You have won an all expenses paid trip to the remote and exclusive Pointe Less Isle. Pack your swimwear, surfboard and, oh... do not have any. You're in luck! Summer shop opens Friday!

2018 Summer Shop & Collection

Toss off that heavy, bulky, hot plate armor and get ready for some pun in the sun. We are still building stuff... but here is what to expect. You can get items separately or get the full collection.

  • Swim suits
  • Trunks
  • Summer Dresses
  • Surf board designed by our contest winner!
  • Surfing Sneevil Travel Form!?
  • Fire Lord Set
  • More things to be announced!

Last Chance for the Dage Collection!

I mean, you certainly had long enough. But this is your last chance to grab the Dage collection before it dissapears and the Summer Shop opens.

Pointe Less Isle

Yergen built a beach island "social area" where you can chill with your friends under the sun. This was not originally planned for this week... which is why it is not a story zone.

"WHAT THE!?!?!?! WHY... WHY...."

A lot of us wanted a seasonal place to hang out in our skull swimsuits XD. Especially Dage & I who are looking forward to stopping by and occasionally causing "trouble" there.  Thank you to Yergen for putting it together.

Dragon's Graveyard Part 2 - COMING NEXT

Feels like we have gotten into a pretty good rhythm of doing our big story-line releases with smaller releases and game-client feature releases like this one in between. We plan to be in testing for the Dragon's Graveyard late this week... which means the exciting & climatic conclusion will be next week! Also-- Pirate, Alpha Pirate, and Necromancer are available for testing on the PTR now.



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