Sunken Concept Art

Artix Krieger | Thursday, August 1, 2019

"Captain! New concept art sighted off the starboard bow!"

Pirates vs Ninjas? A mysterious sunken ship? Thought you might enjoy some fresh new concept art... fresh off of Llusion's screen.

Ship Wrecked

Sunken Treasure?

Every time I see concept art for a sunken ship... I think... where are they going to hide that treasure chest?


What the....

Looks like someone raided Area 51's submersible division early. I like where this is going. Which.. is underwater. Naturally.

Random Story

Occassionally, players would battle underwater in the original AdventureQuest. It was pretty weird. You would be underwater with bubbles and fish monsters... but, for some reason, you could just breathe underwater without any special gear. So later, in DragonFable (which takes place 5 years prior to the original AdventureQuest) the Pirates accidentally sunk a huge cargo ship carrying underwater breathing potions. O_O Best plot hole plug ever!

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