Sword in the Stone Golem

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Stone in the Sword in the Stone Golem

"Whomever should pull the stone out of the sword in the Stone Golem..."

Behold, our newest and most catastrophical mis-appropriation of the classic Autherian tale, "The Stone in the Sword in the Stone Golem." Coming soon along with the new Greenguard forest.

The Legendary Legend of Legends

It is said, that once Greenguard forest was once home to the wise, beautiful, and noble elves. Mostly because those two statues in the middle of the forest sure as heck are not human. Long ago, before the elves mysteriously left our realm into the unknown, they took care to hide and protect their legendary artifacts. Some where cursed, some guarded by magnificent beasts, and then.... there are those that require a test. Many adventures have reported seeing a magnificent stone, with a sword around it, wedged deeply inside an even bigger stone. Honestly, it is a bit hard to explain until you see the darn thing for yourself. Some believe that the blade belonged to the Elven High King. Some believe the rock did. Frankly, these are the same types of people that going around saying the world is not flat, but really a 20 sided die. *sighs* Silly Polyhedra-earthers. But one thing is known... whomever should pull that stone, from the sword, from the rock golem will... well. Actually. No one's ever done it. So we literally have no idea. Let us know how it turns out.

Greenguard forest update coming soon

Greenguard forest is the first of many areas getting a much needed update with the new quest system, dialogs, and all the other tools we built during Ashfall. Check back and I will keep feeding you insider information about the things we are adding. Battle on!

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