Anime Opening Video Contest: Winner Update

Glisel | Thursday, January 19, 2023


Submissions are now closed

Make an anime opening video using the Tailor Scouts theme song for the chance to win an Emperor's Chest! Or make a digital Tailor Scouts poster for the chance to win a Warlord's Chest.

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Video Winners

  1. Almayudha - "Sailor Men"
  2. Mal-Dhethrug - "Tailor Scouts - Anime Opening"
  3. Mei of Arc - "Untitled"

Poster Winners

  1. M1NGKY - "Frogzard Invasion"
  2. Silariyas - "Untitled"
  3. Sir Lucas the Guardian - "Winnie's Tailor Scout Adventure"
  4. Clairre - "Tailor Scout - Five of the Sexiest Superheroes"


The Contests

Anime Music Video

3 Winners of the Anime Music Video contest will receive an Emperor's Chest in their inventory, the "Music Video Creator Award" badge, and "Music Video Creator" title.


  • Download the MP3 and use it as background music
  • Create a music video using the promo images from the Design Notes and in-game Tailor Scouts content
  • Submit your completed video with your In Game Name (IGN) to the comments section of Artix's Twitter or Facebook post by February 8, 2023

Click here to Download MP3 File


Anime Poster

5 Winners of the Anime Poster contest will receive a Warlord's Chest in their inventory.


  • Must include all of the Tailor Scouts
  • Must use only the version of the Tailor Scouts as shown in AdventureQuest 3D (such as with screenshots)
  • Use of Photoshop and/or other graphics programs is permitted
  • Submit your completed image with your In Game Name (IGN) to the comments section of Artix's Twitter or Facebook post by February 8, 2023

Artix Entertainment reserves the right to award additional prizes to entries that have gone above and beyond in excess of the above listed number of winners.

Note: There were only four poster submissions.


Congratulations to all contest winners! Your prizes have been added to your inventory.


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