The Tailor Scouts Meet the Fashion Police!

Glisel | Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Best in Fashion!

Join the Tailor Scouts on their mission to retrieve the coveted Mithril Shears. These shears are a magical item that will help Winnie make new, more powerful costumes, taking their style to the next level! However, an encounter with the Fashion Police pokes a hole in their plans and threatens an old friendship. Help the Tailor Scouts stop the Fashion Police and maybe even save an old friend in the process.

Note: You must complete the first quest, “Tailor Scouts” in order to begin this quest, “The Mithril Shears”.

Defeat the Fashion Police!

When you talk to Winnie in Battleon about The Mithril Shears, she informs you that Tailor Scout Melanie is taking longer than expected to retrieve the coveted magical Mithril Shears from Arcangrove. The mission is simple, find Melanie and help her bring home the shears. However, the Fashion Police show up just in time to snag the Mithril Shears before you can. Help Melanie and the other Tailor Scouts track down the Fashion Police and get back those shears for Winnie! On the way, you just might save an old friend from becoming a fashion victim herself.

Knowledge is Power!

Earn these Tailor Academy Uniforms and Shoes as you play! Later, you can craft the Fashion Police outfit as well (and additional Tailor Academy Uniforms), from Winnie’s Tailor Academy Uniforms shop when you complete the Mithril Shears quest.

AQ3D Soundtrack Update

As of this release, all commercial music within AdventureQuest 3D (with the exception of some tracks provided by guest artists) has been removed from the game maps! Jongaar (with some help from Broomtool) has spent many months replacing the soundtracks in the main maps with his own custom music, and is continuing to work on replacing the music in the side story and event maps as well. This is a huge task and will take a long time to get every map filled with new soundtracks. However, this means that our content creators are now free to stream AQ3D with the sound on without fear of their stream being demonetised. So, if you happen to enter a map without a soundtrack playing in the background, that’s not a bug. New music is on the way!

Last Chance!

Carnaval has left the Social District until next year.

  • Lunar New Year event ends near the end of February.
  • Heroes Heart Day Collection and related content leaves around March 13th, 2024.

Thank you and… Next!

Next week is the last week of February, which means… Gold Boost! This will be quickly followed by the new March Promo Item, so head to the Upgrade Shop to grab your Crimson Moon Sword before it’s too late.

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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