Thankful Thursdays: GDC Codes!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 16, 2017

GameOgre is giving away GDC Blade codes!

have you been trying to get your hands on a GDC Blade code? Good news! GamOgre has a way for you to get one.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is try to think of 10 things to be grateful for. And every morning, you make my top 10 list. Thank you for being an important part of our online video game community. Even with all of the problems we perceive in our daily lives... we have a lot of amazingly huge simple things to be thankful for. You know, like... being alive. (unless you are in the undead legion, I guess) For having food. For having access to a device that you can read this on. Appreciating what already have is magic-- and it puts us in the right to go do and create amazing things. Want to give it a try? You do not have to wait until morning. You can do it right now. Think of 10 things to be grateful for. Unless you are in a really bad mood. In which case, do 20 :P

What better way to thank you for being here than to drop some art from the dev chat?

I believe this robe belongs to an order of mages that you will encounter in Ashfall Part II. There will be 4 new locations coming with the next release.

This armor and weapon set is also coming in Part II. It looks like a specially designed armor for going into extremely hot placed... or possibly welding skyscrapers. Hmmm. Skyscraper welder class? I love the axe though.

Also in the upcoming Ashfall 1.4 release, monsters are learning how to cast spells. In this image... the monster artificial intelligence TOTALLY MISSED critically hitting some leaves on a nearby tree! This and ten trillion other bugs have diligently been being fixed this week by Zhoom & the coding team. 


Best Free Online RPG?

Wowza! Is this real? The interview/tour of AdventureQuest 3D that we gave Ogreman earlier this year must have left a very positive impression. *AQ3D team casts maximum graditude!*


Play AdventureQuest 3D


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