Thank you... or else!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

OK, so I sat down to write you a cheery, optimistic, and gratitude filled design notes post for Thanksgiving. I always write from the heart. But today... I keep running into some sort of mental roadblock. Something feels wrong. No, it is not you. You are amazing. It is the internet. The angsty, mean-spirited, "everything is wrong and needs to burn" culture of social media. Has it been bothering you too?

My Martial Arts Master Instructor often says, "Have an attitude of gratitude." But in today's bitter and sarcastic atmosphere, that sounds cringy. I mean, the idea of being thankful and grateful is the exact opposite of complaining, being angry, and those who are really only concerned with how they look online. The idea of telling someone you actually, legitimately appreciate them comes across as kissing-up, patronizing, or just doing it "because you're suppose to". So, what do we do?

Perhaps the only way to make being grateful cool is to do it... defiantly >_< . Be thankful as a living weapon against negativity. There are no end of things to be thankful for right now. I mean right now, at this exact moment. We take so much of life for granted... that we are alive for starters. Or that we have devices that fit in our pockets that are more powerful than early supercomputers-- and we can play video games on them with people from all over the world. XD


I will thank you.


I have a lethal dosage of gratefulness that you are a part of my life and online video game community. Our entire team drank the thanks-flavored punch and we're all literally dying to tell you how much we appreciate you. OK, might have crossed the line on that last one XD. But come'on, seriously... thank you for all of the things you do-- playing our games, reading our posts, helping hunt & fix bugs, commenting on posts, watching our videos, and supporting our crazy projects with your words, wallets, and wikis. Without you, these game worlds you helped build would not even exist! Thank you.

I am going to make one last serious threat to you... *picks up a phone*  whether I know who you are or not. I will look for you. I will find you. And I will THANK YOU.

Thank you & Battle on!
Artix & all your friends on the the brutally grateful AE Team


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