The Radiant Devourer TL;DR

Clarion | Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Greetings, Heroes of Lore! TL;DR for this week’s update: The full Design Notes will be available today—stay tuned!

  • New System: Spellforged Items:
    • We are introducing a new class of items known as Spellforged.
    • Spellforged items will have spells attached to them, some are activated on hit chance while others will function passively.
  • The Blinding Starlight of Destiny:
    • The Blinding Starlight of Destiny enters the armory of AdventureQuest 3D this week being the first Spellforged item to be added to the game
    • The Blinding Light of Destiny has a 20% chance on hit to call down celestial axes on all enemies near you for 50% of your damage.
    • The axe is a rare drop from Lumenion.
  • The Radiant Devourer Lumenion Boss:
    • If you’re level 50 head to the Shadow of the Wind Village in the Yokai Islands and speak with Artix to gain access to the Lumenion boss fight.
    • Lumenion is a level 53 Boss that will push your skill to the limit.
  • Yokai Star Fall Festival Housing Items:
    • Artix has a shop with Star Fall Festival-themed housing items. 
  • July 4th Shop:
    • Speak with Rocket Man in Battleon to check out new and old July 4th-themed items.
  • New Promo for July 2024:
    • The promo items for July 2024 are the Starlight Longsword and the Empowered Starlight Longsword. 
  • Misc Changes:
    • Balance changes to the Grotto of the Deep Dungeon to remove the cheese. We will continue to evaluate and make tweaks as needed.
    • Fixed issue with Voiddiver Steam Gun Blade.
    • Abyssal Vanguard gloves have been added to the Summer Collection Shop. 

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