The Curse of Daylight Savings

Artix Krieger | Monday, November 4, 2019

"As the clock struck midnight... the curse consumed us all!"

The curse is real. It's effect on the monsters... the stories, they are all true.

Your hour of extra sleep on Sunday morning came at a terrible price.

Yes, it brought with it, "The Curse of Daylight Savings" to AdventureQuest 3D.

We thought we had fixed it.

But they/we/someone was wrong...

Oh so very, very wrong.

Monsters stopped spawning.

Combat glitched...

The lag came out of no where like a banshee in the night... singing slowly... cause of... LAG!

It was the end of times.

For about an hour.

Then we rebooted the servers and everything was just fine.

But you live on to tell this tale to your Grandchildren. Our only hope lies with you....

...and also, the coders. Who are zapping this bug and a dozen others in the next AdventureQuest 3D feature release.


Oh, right. So you know how the clock turns back and hour on Daylight Savings time?

Well, no one told the monsters... or our custom built MMORPG server.

So when the time suddenly changed, all of the timers were suddenly wrong. Sort of funny if you think about it. At least it did not ban everyone XD


Thanks for asking!

But we're out of time. Check back tomorrow.

Or else.

Also, have a great day!

Or else.



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