The Vengeful Captain!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Challenge Boss Fight, Mystery Quests, and Level Cap increased to 29!

Return to the Sunken Ship near Yokai Isle to face the Vengeful Captain! Defeat him to craft your own cannon pet. There is also a mystery! The mystery of the skull key. Solve this discover 4 new, level 29 mystery items!


O_O WHAAAAAA!?!?!?! You can now level your character up to 29. Need some new level 29 gear? No problem. Well, a little bit of a problem. You need to solve the mystery of the skull key to get those 4 mystery items :D

Issue/Bug with the Mystery....

When I logged on tonight to test the release, I ran into a few issues with the second part of this. Technically it is beatable, and if you can get a group together to do this... you get ultimate bragging rights. Tomorrow, we are going to make some tweaks and adjustments (and add descriptions to the items that are currently missing them)

HeroMart rewards... now in the bank!

Most of the new items on HeroMart come with exclusive in-game items you can use here in AdventureQuest 3D. Now, you can see all of your unlocked items in the bank. Just talk to Hootenheim.

Note for Moglin Kickstarter backers
We are 50% released. If you have the Master of Moglins badge, you will be able to get Moglotron & the armors in the Kickstarter shop now. This was easy because you already had a unique badge. For the other tiers... we are sending codes via BackerKit ASAP (hopefully tomorrow... still testing everything.)

NEXT WEEK... 2 new challenges!

Great Sea Dragon, Ryujin challenge!
Battle the dragon and craft the Ryujin Samurai Armor.

Raytengu's Bamboo Forest Challenge
Battle the Tengu to earn and craft his armor set and new wings.


Only 10 days left for Alice in Chains!

You only have until the end of the month to experience the Alice in Chains Battle Concert in both games. When it is gone... O_O it is gone forever!


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