The Void - Art Sneak Peek

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 3, 2022

"Something Wicked-er this way comes..."

The horrors of the Void are getting their art "freshed up" as we move forward on AdventureQuest 3D's main story. Here is a art sneak peek for you.

Void Lords

Void Horrors

The Void... a place of terrifying nothingness. Or so the Lore Masters would have you believe. Much about the Void remains a mystery. The true nature and purpose of these strange creatures will be revealed in AdventureQuest 3D's main storyline.

Void Horrors

Void Minions

Vaguely humanoid in shape, many believed these are the remains of "hollowed" heroes from our world. Given how easily these minions are defeated by powerful adventurers like yourself-- it almost makes you wonder if they were designed to be defeated. But why would Vane, or anyone for that matter, purposefully sacrifice their pawns?

In this art refreshing, we removed the cenobite like mouths and placed the focus on the eyes. Not only will these creatures look horrifying in the dark, it more true to lore and also makes them somewhat more easier on the eyes. If you liked the teethy ones, do not fear. (Or definitely fear.)  Some of those will appear in the main storyline too.

Void Flags

The Voidrakar Flag

Which of these flag designs do you like best for the Voidrakar? I know we talked about this previous on Twitter and Discord. The current favorite is still the middle, but we have not make a firm decision yet.

It is important to note the different between the Void (a place) and the Voidrakar (which is Vane & his forces.) The logo for the Void itself is that circle with the line through it. You can see it on the bodies of the Minions. A lot of people have wondered how Vane and his minions can exist without conflicting with the lore set in our previous games about the Void. Having the Voidrakar (pronounced: void - drak - kar) as a faction solves this. 

Void Vane

Vane, the Void King

The original version of Vane had that cool red glowy eye thing that the Black Knight has. We are are going to re-introduce that and put more emphases on his eyes. The old version of Vane had two red dots as eyes. Now, he will have wider more sinister eyes like a dragon or his minions.

Void Azzela

Azella, the Priestess of the Void

She is arguably the most important character in the upcoming main story. A lot of the focus in this post has been on the eyes. So if you have encountered the existing version of Azzella in game, the big difference you notice is... she now has pupils. Her previously glossy eyes made her just a little too hard to feel connected to when talking to her.

I really like the design of Azella's character and outfit. One glance at her and you get a pretty accurate representation of her personality.

Void Horrors

Great Void Horrors

We have a lot of super talented artists on the team-- and I know you always get a kick out of seeing this. I drew that red sketch and sent it to Dage "Can  you make me a big Void Horror monster like this?". He sends me back the drawing at the top of the image above XD. Then he brought up about how we need something like the Void Dragon from the original AdventureQuest. He drew the void dragon head and send me the image in the lower left of the pic. Man is he good.


Void Dragon

In previous posts you may have heard that we will be inserting the main storyline "between sagas". That is, each time you beat a saga like Greenguard, Darkovia, HeartWood, Ashfall, etc (regardless of order) it will unlock a new part of the main storyline. The main story will focus on your relationships with characters and... giant... horrific... unspeakable... void horrors. 

Hope you enjoyed this art sneak peek. Are there any interesting types of monsters you would like to see turned into Void Horrors?  

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