The Tooth about Treasure Chests

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"The Toof, da whole toof, and nuttni' but da toof!"

I have written you a lot of design notes for our video games. But this is the first one I wrote while on the Dentist's table getting root canal. Extreme dedication! Maximum multi-tasking and productivity!

Gud Teef

I am sitting on the table with an X-ray thing in my numb mouth now.

Never had a root canal before. I mean, take pretty good care of my teefs. Probably cracked this tooth while sword fighting with Dage or possibly from kickboxing at some point in the last year. Or maybe it is because it is so darn hard to floss all the way back there. Oh man, he is putting scary stuff on the table next to me.
Dentists have real life loot boxes

Treasure Chests? Yes, fang you very much.

Anyway, about those treasure chests. We are almost done with a new feature which will add Treasure Chests to AdventureQuest 3D. But, they have an actual treasure chest here in the dentist office! They saw me staring at it, laughed and said (as if talking to a little boy), "If your really good, you can have one when you're all done." O_O She probably thought I would laugh. But all I can think about was beating this dentist boss battle and earning my loot drop from that chest. Also seems like the perfect opportunity to write a design notes about this while they are.... oh man, here comes the drill!


In case I have not said this yet... writing a design notes while someone is drilling your toofs is both challenge and sorta a bad idea.
Video Game Teef

So, we are adding daily log in rewards to AdventureQuest 3D

Each day you log in you will get a Treasure Chest. Open it for a reward! Rewards can be anything. A handful of DragonCrystals, special potions, never before seen single-use travel forms, class tokens to unlock new classes, and more— including a super rare chance of landing a rare or legendary item.

So you will have something to look forward to every day.

Just like I am here aiming to dive into that dentist treasure box the second the dentist finishes crowning my tooth like the king of my mouth. (This tooth actually prefers the title Jarl. That half of my mouth is a huge Skyrim fan.) You will have something to... hang on, the dentist is now using that blue light thing to harden the filling now.

Guaranteed Purples?

You are going to love this. The daily login system rewards loyalty. So after logging in for a set number of days you will get a guaranteed blue or purple rarity reward (tiny chance of a yellow legendary item). We are not evil. So, you do not have to log in every day in a row. If you miss a day or 2 or 30 it is OK. (Note: Not brushing your teef for that period of time is not OK and will land you where I am sitting right now.) When you login next it will pick up where it left off moving your towards the guaranteed big reward.
The Blinding Light of Destiny
The Blinding Light of Destiny is a Yellow (Legendary Item) ... well, the in game one is. Not sure what the real-life one is.

We have been looking for a way to give out free DragonCrystals and rare items

I like this system because it rewards loyal players with rare items regardless if they can afford supporting the game with a Guardian upgrade and DragonCrystals or not.  I know a lot of games have done this before, but it is pretty darn good idea never the less. Sorta weird we never did anything like this before.

The Root Canal of all Evil (Gamer Service Announcement)

I am not sure if I am the first game developer to write a news post while getting a root canal... but let me stress upon thee the dire importance of flossing those hard to get back teeth O_O. That is the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth....


On the subject of rotting our teefs.... it is time for CAAAAAAANDY! This week, Mogloween returns across our games. See the Mogloween trailer on YouTube.  In AdventureQuest 3D the town of Mystcroft will return... like the ability to move the left side of my mouth after the novacane wears off. This week we will release the "re-run". New players and veterans can enjoy the previous years events before we release this year's new Mogloween expansion! Yergen said something about trick-or-treating in game? My curiosity is piqued O_o. Also, brace yourself. Next week we will be releasing the Vampires Castle in Darkovia. 

P.S. I posted a video of the treasure I got from the Dentist's Treasure Box on my Artix Facebook Page for you.


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