Is this Friday a.... 13th!?

Artix Krieger | Monday, September 9, 2019

This coming Friday is a... O_O Friday the 13th!

Rumors are... they found something in the lake.

Yeah, that lake in Camp Gonnagetcha.

It's big.

No. Really big. Like cave or building sized or something.

Yeah, it's out in the water.

A couple of us are going to check it out this Friday. Wanna come?

It's Friday the 13th... what could possibly go wrong?Friday the 13th Pirates vs Ninjas

CAMP WAR! Ninjas vs Pirates

As per Camp Gonnagetcha Friday the 13th tradition... it's war! With the upcoming Lolosia & Talk Like a Pirate day coming up the following week, we are getting into the spirit with Ninja and Pirate camps.

Ninja or Pirate?

Which side will you be fighting for?



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