Artix Krieger | Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Thyton is a the fantasy embodiment of special ops.

The rest is classified. Legit Men in Black type stuff here... but with inter-dimensional monsters, criminals, and the occasional <MESSAGE REDACTED>

The Backstory of Thyton

You may recognize Thyton as the Ninja Master of Sho'nuff Isle from our previous game, DragonFable. The vision of a spartan helm wearing ninja always ellicits two reactions.... 1.) WOAH THAT IS COOL and 2.) How are you going to sneak up with anyone wearing that thing? I can see the sun gleaming off your noggin' a mile away. But of course, that is how you know you have reached ultimate Ninja level.

Thyton is a bit different in this fragmented shard of the AdventureQuest Multi-verse. He is not from Sho'nuff isle... he is not even from our dimension. He is still a ninja at heart though. You know what they say. Once a Ninja. Always a.... where did he go?

Thyton the Artist

Also, you may already know that Thyton is one of AdventureQuest 3D's amazing artists. He has previously worked on DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash, BattleGems, and well, pretty much all of our other games and special projects. Thyton's specialty is monsters (some would argue mechs). He LOVES drawing our biggest, baddest, bloodthirstiest beasts. He always builds massive back stories for his monsters in his head while drawing them. Which is why you are going to love the new villains in what he is making for you. It was his birthday last month. He had been drawing and preparing a story for a special release for you. Of course, we have been so backlogged that we did not get to release yet... but that is about to change. Please join us in looking forward to the 1st part of a special 3-year story release where you will adventure with the in-game Thyton.

P.S. Meanwhile, we are knee deep in the Tower of Necromancer & DoomWood stuff... tomorrow we will be releasing a parkour course for Greenguard and the revamp/cleanup of the cave between Heartwood and Doomwood.


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