NEW! Craft the Titan Armor

Glisel | Monday, February 24, 2020

Craft the basic armor sets for Pulsarian and Eclipsion

You can now craft the two Titan boss armor sets in the Breaking Benjamin battle concert! These are "Pulsarian's Witness" and "Eclipsion's Watcher". Use your Heavy Metal Medallions to craft these pieces on Bryce Platinum. Wings and Halos not included.

How to Earn the Armor Sets

We know some of you are still waiting for a few pieces to drop, aren't getting the right Titan at the end, are having issues collecting loot because of disconnects, etc. So this crafting option is an alternative. It will still require some concert grinding, and you may end up with the piece you want while grinding for medals, in which case... Great!

Talk to Bryce Platinum at Yulgar's Inn while the concert is still running. Arena Crafting only uses Heavy Metal Medallions, which can only be earned by playing a battle concert, so this is sort of a limited time only crafting... limited to battle concerts.

Gotta hand it to you in AdventureQuest 3D


There will be other opportunities to receive the drops from all of the monsters, including the Titans, from the Breaking Benjamin battle concert. These items are from future maps in the upcoming world story... now is your chance to get them early!


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