Screenshot Saturday: "Screenshots are YARRRRT"

Glisel | Friday, September 17, 2021

You’ll be needing to show us that you’re a true salty sea dog in this week's return of #ScreenShotSaturday! Use your creativity and let the briny depths inspire you to show off your favorite screenshots in game for a chance to score one of five Warlord chests!


5 lucky screenshots will be chosen and awarded a Warlord's Chest in their inventory. Winners' game names and screenshots will be shown below after the prizes are awarded.

Above and Beyond

As always, we reserve the right to award additional prizes to screenshot entries that go above and beyond.

How to Participate **Contest is Closed**

  • Log on to AdventureQuest 3D and prove you’re the most feared corsair this side of lore with a screenshot. There be a full crew's worth of pirate outfits in game, but you’d best be heading to the port of Lolosia to make sure you aren’t missing that last piece of gear to make you a true scoundrel of the seas.
  • Equip any Piratey set
  • Take amazing screenshots (solo or with friends) and be creative!
  • Drop your best ones into the comments with your in-game name on this post by the end of Tuesday, September 21st, for a chance to win.
  • Use the hashtags #ScreenShotSaturday and #TLAPD
  • Remember to add your AQ3D character name to your post! (How would we know who to give prizes to otherwise?) You would not believe how many people missed out on prizes because they did not include their character name on an awesome screenshot.


Lunaceria - Twitter @JusticarLuna

Guiltiasinledas - Disqus  @guiltiasinledus

Death Spade - Twitter  @BLOODYSPADE1

Kwissy - Twitter @KwissyAE

Lilya Ixi - Disqus @lost_looneytune

Honorable Mention

Here are some additional looks we thought were worth mentioning... and a Soldier's Chest.

Captain Morgan - Twitter @captainmorganAE

Shirigame - Disqus @ryckalmeida

Drifnaar - Twitter @thaediir

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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