Town of Battleon is under attack!

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 19, 2019

Battleon under attack by Void Monsters!

Help! The Void King has launched a surprise attack against our home town of Battleon. The Defenders are rallying to drive back the invaders.

Defend Town at all cost!

The town of Battleon is our home. People and friendly creatures from all over the world of Lore travel here for our help. But now, what appears to be a first wave of void monsters has somehow gotten through our town's gate.

Strange Monsters

"The undead have red eyes.. but they're not Shadowscythe!"
There is no mistaking it. The creatures attacking our town are void creatures. We do not know how they are made nor what they are capable of.

Get the Void Defender Set

Heroes have thus far found 7 new types of weaponry dropping from these strange creatures. Also, you can craft new Void Defender armor on Roland.

"As long as we stand, Battleon stands!"

The fight to save Battleon is happening now! As you read this, we are fighting in the streets. Join us in pushing back Vane the Void King's invaders.

But you should know that there's rumors that Vane's Priestess and Alchemist have been spotted approaching with a second wave. We are sending the Moglins to the nearby towns and allies to request reinforcements.

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