The Tower of Necromancy is live!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 29, 2020

13 Floors of Tests, Trainers, and Terror-ible Humor!

Happy Mogloween! Embark on the perfect new release for your spooky weekend. Journey to the Isle of the Dead and at long last... enter the Tower of Necromancy.

The Tower of Necromancy

The Tower of Necromancy

Whether you are a heroic Paladin infiltrating the tower or a dark spellcaster looking to obtain its forbidden secrets... the time to enter the Tower of Necromancy is at hand. You will find it on the Isle of the Dead. Rumor has it that an unkillable Lich is the Tower's Master. How certain is this information? Not very. No hero nor necromancer that attempted to slay it has ever returned sane... or completely alive. 

Isle of the Dead

How to get to the Tower of Necromancy?

Find Stygis the Ferryman in DoomWood Forest. In addition to teaching you how to become a Necromancer, he can ferry you to the Isle of the Dead. You will find the tower there. How do you get inside? That part is up to you.

13 Floors of Trainers and Tests

13 Floors...

Some speculate that the tower itself is some sort of dark test. That each of the 13 floors is overseen by different types of dark casters where each floor tests you to see if you are worthy to move on to the next.

Book of Ancient Evil

Secret of the Tower

What is the tower? Is it really the source of all Necromancy? Who is the Tower's Master? The answers to these questions lie within...


Summon an Undead Dragon

Undead Dueling

Summoning and commanding the undead is a key skill within the tower. Perhaps some of the skills you learn within the tower will be useful again in future areas. 

Dark Items

Discover new Dark Items

Your journey up the tower will be frought with peril and littered with dark new loot.

  • Dark Theurgist (Full Set)
  • Necro'Rune (Full Set)
  • *Name is secret* Lich (Full Set)
  • Zorlock's Shrine (Back)
  • Necraxe (Upgradable Axe)
  • Necrotic Cloak of the Tower (Back)
  • Spirit Shooter (Necrotic Pew Pew)


The Tower of NEcromancy is live!

"Dark, Fun, and Funny!"

Exactly the kind of humor you expect from Artix and the team. If you enjoyed the quirky characters on the Isle of the Dead, then wait till you get a load of floor 9.

A cast of crazy Necromancers

Re-animated Monsters

As each trainer is unique, so are their darkly themed floors. You will be delighted to see a few "lost undead" creatures make their return to our world.

Summoning Skeletons

Summoned Monster vs Monster

Monsters created from summoning circles in the tower can duel. We created a new "aggro type" to make this possible. Keep an eye out for these circles in major boss fights too.


A test to open every door

Pull the Lever?

Each floor is a test... of your strength, sanity, and s..... *AHHHHH!*

Tower of Necromancy

"These Dark Delights have Dark Ends."

May the fates favor you in this dangerous new release. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the story up the tower. Next week, as promised, we will be following up this release with a challenge boss fight (As if that boss needed to be more challenging O_O). If you are enjoying the Tower of Necromancy, please let the team and me know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. With that...

Happy Mogloween and onward... to the Tower of Necromancy!

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