Triple Design Notes Tuesday!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Design Notes a day keeps the Healer away

If you have not noticed, I have been faithfully maintaining an average of one new design notes post for you a every day since the start of the 2019. Even on weekends (which I have never done before). But this weekend, I got bumped off my game... O_O. I think I was 3 posts ahead of the curve until this weekend... so today, we are going to catch up with triple design notes to feed your unquenchable curiosities-- and I have something very special to share in the next post.

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This Week in AdventureQuest 3D

I just updated the AdventureQuest 3D Game Plan for you-- and you might want to take a peek down at the classes section. We have made progress on three new ones. We already sorta let the at out of the bag, but Beta Berserker will be your special gift for being a part of the Beta Test. There will be a normal Berserker that new players can get after the game goes officially live. We are currently neck-deep in the Isle of the Dead and the new Kingdom of Battleon.The new town is... HUGE and features core story objects. Dage sent over some concept art of things which I will put in a special post for you.

Paladins vs Necromancers

After reading some feedback on how unfair it is that Paladins get their class from the Paladin NPC but Necromancers have to make their way into the tower. So, we are going to do a symmetrical design for the Paladin and Necromancer sides of DoomWood. Starting this week, you will be able to earn the Necromancer class from Stygis. The story parts of the Necromancer class will take place in the Tower of Necromancy, and the story parts of the Paladin class will take place in the Paladin Keep. We have always intended for each major class to have a story along with it. But hindsight being 20/20 there is no reason you cannot get the class first before you follow the lore of the class. We can always add additional variants of the class that are unlocked through further action.

PvP: Phase II

Overall, the feedback from PvP has been great. All of the things you love and the things you want improved have been noted.. and are actively being worked on. We are also adding (to be expected) some very strict server validation to prevent cheating and griefing. Later this week I will do a PvP dedicated post with more info straight from the coders.

Sound Overhaul

Jongaar and I did a full game sound review, and he is currently working on new soundFX. Meanwhile, Zhoom and the coders are working on updating the game's sound system to be "3D" too. As this is a relatively core thing to Unity, it is weird that we do not already have it. But the way we dynamically load content in the early days required some work around. Regardless, I am eager to complete this part-- it will change the soundscape of the game dramatically. Also, we are going to remaster and balance the music in all zones to be pleasing, and, um, quieter!

Battle on!


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