Screenshot Saturday: The Truth is in here!

Glisel | Friday, July 26, 2019

The Truth is Now Here! #ScreenshotSaturday

Stop the Presses! The rumors are true! UFOs have invaded Lore. We need you to present us with the proof in this revival of Screenshot Saturday.

This week we released our Area 51 travel form and pet. The permanent UFO travel form can be found in Gaz's Black Market Shop, or you can pick up the travel form potion called "Alien Juice" as a drop in the Barrow Drop Challenge. The UFO pet can be bought in Aria's Pet Shop.

Post your screenshot as a reply to @ArtixKriegers Screenshot Saturday post with your in-game name. You are allowed to submit multiple screenshots so get creative.

Five lucky winners will receive a Warlord's Chest. Even if you don't have a UFO item, you can still participate in the Screenshot Saturday competition. Just take a screenshot of your best sightings of the UFOs anywhere in-game.

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