The Big Unity 2018 Update

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 15, 2018

Updating AdventureQuest 3D to Unity 2018

Do you remember the horror of the last time we upgraded the game to the latest version of unity? Get your popcorn and cover your eyes-- a movie scarier than Shrade X "Machetes from Space" is starting now!

Can you spot the difference? Before vs After!

Look closely. Now closer. Do you see it? If your answer is "No Artix! I do not see a single thing different!" then give yourself 100pts. That is the goal of this update. We want to upgrade to 2018 with nothing breaking. If we do a perfect job, you will not even know it happened.

Why update?

  • Facebook Login will stop working if we do not update
  • Several of our plugins our being obsoleted and will stop working breaking the game
  • New UI, Lighting, Animation, & Graphical FX that we can use to make the game look and run better.
  • Being on the latest version ensures we will be able to quickly respond to new tech requirements from Apple, Android, and Steam

Things that have gone wrong so far...

  • All of our maps lighting systems broke
  • All of our particle systems broke
  • After the update, an unnamed dev opened the entire game project in the old version corrupting the meta data, then opened it in the right version and committed it to our repository corrupting our entire project. (These are the moments game developers live for.)
  • Motion trails broke... may be semi-broken until next patch.

Everything is going to be A-OK... probably!

We have already submitted the game. So, we are looking to launch this new version of the game Monday (possibly Tuesday).

Content Lock Down until it is live O_O

We are not able to release any new content (including the awesome set of armor that Winnie made last night-- sorry Winnie, my fault!) until after the 2018 update happens. This is because we are no longer able to cloud build for the older version of Unity.

Kill Zakaru - the Dragon's Graveyard, Part II

Coming next... the exciting conclusion to the Dragon's Graveyard! Then, we will be revealing the new Warrior, Mage, & Rogue armors along with the new intro. But we can talk more about that later, now we should talk about...

The AE Games Launcher

Today we are soft launching the Alpha Test of our Artix Entertainment Games launcher. We built this to future proof our existing games, removing the need for a browser or the Flash Plugin. You can read more about this at

Have a great weekend and Battle on!


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