Atlantis Update + XP Bonus

Glisel | Thursday, December 15, 2022

Catch Up with Bonus Experience All Week!

Whether you are trying to rank up your classes or trying to max out the level cap, you will get further this week with 50% bonus Experience Points (including Class Experience).

Free Gift and Gift’thulus!

Talk to Artix in Yulgar’s Inn to receive your Holiday Present. Choose one or more of the free gifts in the Holiday Presents shop. Also, check your inventory because Frostval came early. You will find a handful of free Gifting Runes in your Tokens so you can spawn Gift’thulus with your friends and fellow players.

Where is the Atlantis Finale?

The team has been working hard on the new maps, dungeons, and overall gameplay experience; however, we do not currently feel that it is ready for release. After discussing it with our team, we decided that delaying the release is what was best for the wellbeing of the team and the player experience. Since players frequently request that we take the extra time to give the best quality experience that we can, we feel confident that you will support our decision. So, we are giving ourselves a couple extra weeks to release a finale worth waiting for.

One of the setbacks faced was with the Unity upgrade. Our system has been long out of date because it takes a lot of dev time to make our game compatible with the new features in an upgrade. However, we have seen the issues that persist from being out of date becoming more frequent. During the upgrade process we ran into some kinks that require our devs to go in manually to fix. We ended up reverting the upgrade for now until we can set aside the dedicated time required to successfully resolve these issues. As of now, we have no concrete estimate of when the upgrade will happen; though it will be the start to solving long-standing bugs and providing a better experience for everyone.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shops Extended

With the delay of the Atlantis Finale, we have decided to keep the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shops in-game for one more week.

2023 Artix Calendar Pre-Order is now LIVE!

Unlock Paladin Chronomancer exclusive in-game items for AQWorlds, AQ3D, DragonFable, EpicDuel & AQ Classic on Shipping starts in late Dec. Pre-Orders ship first, or you can SKIP THE LINE & save with the 20th Anniversary Bundle.

What’s in the 20th Anniversary Bundle?

  • Bundle Exclusive "Ultimate Fan" Badge & Title AQW / AQ3D
  • 2023 Collector's Edition Calendar
  • Paladin Chronomancer Print (Collectors edition exclusive )
  • BattleOn Guardian Enamel Pin
  • BattleOn Forever T-Shirt
  • Various character page badges and titles, and in-game items

Last Chance

  • Black Friday and Cyber Mondays shops leave Battleon on December 21st.
  • 20th Anniversary Event ends around December 30th, 2022. Game maps will be moved to Adventure Menu permanently
  • 50% Dragon Crystal Bonus ends January 18, 2023.

Thank you and… Next!

Get ready for the 2022 Frostval Collection and a special new winter map full of fun Frostval adventures!


See you in game and...

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