New Update! Version 1.6.3 "Pinapple Savage"

Artix Krieger | Monday, November 20, 2017

New! Version 1.6.3 "Pineapple Savage"

A good way to start off the new week! Grab the latest version of AdventureQuest 3D from steam or the app store. Loot now remains after you die, aggro now decays, and other things... like problems sitting in chairs. As Oishii says, "Sitting is hard."

In this Game Update

  • Loot System Update!
    • Your Loot right remains even after the you die. (Voted #1 best improvement in this patch)
    • The 1st player to attack a mob will always be eligible for loot.
    • Other players who attack will be eligible for loot once the pass the 'threat threshold'.
    • However, logging off or switching maps will remove you from loot eligibility.
  • Running far enough from a monster will cause you to exit combat
  • Aggro now decays during a fight to allow quicker changing of targets.
    • So, if you stop attacking / taking any action during a fight, other players who continue to attack will be able to grab the monster's attention.
  • Guardians "Dragon's Breath" skill now applies a debuff which forces the target to switch to the Guardian for the duration.
  • Mobs should no longer instantly reset if an unreachable target (on a ledge / in a tree, etc) takes aggro.
  • Status effects should no longer shuffle around when switching gear / classes.
  • Fixed an issue with status effects getting reset when relogging.
  • Opening and re-opening the Use Menu will now reflect the proper cooldown timer.
  • Fixed an issue where customization options would not appear until the player relogged.
  • Vampires & Werewolves now have a chance to drop additional fangs.
  • Fixed some issues with chairs.  Sitting is hard.


In Development this Week

The 3D & textures for the new Darkovia maps are done! So the programmers are doing their "1 day challenge" to see if they can code ALL of Darkovia Part II in only ONE DAY. This pre-planned challenge was requested by Zhoom and the coders to show off the improvements they made to the way we build maps. During the creation of the first part of Darkovia, Zhoom sat with us and watched as we built the quests and machines over the course of the week. He said that he had some ideas and if he implemented the changes, it would be possible to reduce the time to a single day-- and not by him, by any member of the programming team (and ultimately, any member of our content team). We are pretty excited to see this in action as it will really help with the creation of new game content for you. Wish them luck! Meanwhile, we are adding meta data to Monsters. This means that dragons will be tagged as "dragonkind" and the skeletons as "undead". Also, an undead dragon would be tagged as both "undead & dragonkind." This will allow the DragonSlayer class to do special things against dragonkind monsters. When you click on a monster's portrait to inspect it, we are going to add additional information. I personally want to add a "Monster Lore" skill which allows you to see extra information about monsters. This is a good way to bring our monster descriptions to this game-- which was one of my most favorite parts of the original AdventureQuest.

Question! "Pineapple Pizza"

The name of this patch, "Pineapple Savage" unleashed a brutal debate about putting pineapple on pizza here at the lab... so what say you hero!? Does pineapple belong on pizza!?

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