Steath Update 1.6.4 is now Live

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Still a better game patch than Twilight."

We rolled out a stealth patch on Monday.... if you did not notice, our patch ninja's magic worked. If you did notice... then the beatings will continue >_< Also! We fixed the Guardian's Dragon Breath ability. (For real this time!) Monsters have had their run speed lowered slightly and we made them a weeeeee bit smart about running around things. We have to be careful not to make the monsters too smart. Because once the AI penetrates the singularity, the machines will be playing <*gulps*> us.

But the chairs.... oh man the chairs. "Sitting is hard."

1 Day Programming Challenge (Darkovia edition)

Soooooooo close! The lone coder tasked with under taking Zhoom's challenge of coding all of Darkovia Part II in one day completed 80% of the code. Which was not the goal. But it is still pretty freaking phenomenal! You know what they say, "The Master has failed more times than the normal person has ever tried." So Zhoom told me the issues we ran into can be solved and we should be able to hit 100% on the next one. Note: Darkovia Part II's code was finished the following day. Which means we will retry this test with the next release.

DragonSlayer Class Status Update

I got to check out the latest round of updates on the DragonSlayer class. It uses a resource called "Resolve" and has a little bit deeper feeling mechanics than our existing classes. Instead of just using mana, this class requires a bit of resource management. After you fill your Resolve past 50% it changes the game play. Like your Ultimate will do an AOE instead of a single target. I am thinking of strong arming a chance from Resolve to Determination (because resolve reminds me of the spray I use to clean the lab's carpet after a puppy malfunction.)



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