Version 1.7.9 "Purple Unicorn Pop" is here!

Artix Krieger | Monday, March 19, 2018

NEW! AdventureQuest 3D Version 1.7.9

Your new favorite flavor of AdventureQuest 3D is ready for nom nom time on your phone, tablet, or PC. We fixed and improved a lot of stuff for you-- including jump! So let us jump right in...

Just look at those pretty tabs to the left of the inventory!

Inventory Sorting!

OMG! YES YES YES! We added tabs down the side of your inventory that make it easy to filter and sort your items. We left the old way to do it there too-- just in case some one actually liked that. (That one person... there is always one. O_O)

Equipped Tab

Want to know everything you have equipped? Want to know... what you DO NOT HAVE EQUIPPED? Open your inventory to see the new "Equipped Tab". It will show you everything you are using (including cosmetic items). More importantly, it will tell you if you have any slots with nothing equipped. If you click on one... like "Helm" in my picture above, it will take you to a list of all the helms in your inventory for easy equipping (Smart!)

P.S. Want to hide your helm or cloak? Head to Warlic's magic shop. Buy the invisible helm or clock and equip it cosmetically.

Purty Item Panels

Art and visual updates for inventory menu as well as item panels and tooltips. "110% Purty'er!"

...but we know it still needs to be 300% Purty'er! And scalable. Coming in a future update.

Chat Tabs

We got rid of that lag when switching Chat tabs between General and Party.  More fixes regarding this feature are in the works.

Barber Shop Weirdness Fixed

We took care of that issue which caused some items showing up in the Customize / Barber Shop panel to be a blue flame. Also, the Under Guardian Belt is fixed too.

No more going Under the UnderWorld Minions!

That pesky Legion Minion that kept falling through the floor in the Underworld has been fixed. He would fall down there, and try to attack you-- keeping you stuck in combat forever.

Scaled Map Rewards Fixed

Maps that were scaled past the current cap will now award the proper gold and experience amounts.

No More News is Good News

There can now be multiple "News" screens for new events!

Nameplates no longer block you from doing stuff

Did you have an issue where occasionally the nameplates of other players would block you from moving the camera or doing stuff? Fixed!

Vesper's Hair Fixed

We are not sure how our coders did this exactly... but they "cancelled" last week's catastrophic hair apocalypse. Just like Pacific Rim. Sorta. Vesper's real life hair is now even more purple than her in-game characters. (Gotta throw these weird non-sequitur ones in for awesome people like you who actually read the patch notes :)

Jump Improvements

When Dage and the team were competing in a parkour challenge against each other, they wanted to make our jumping better. So they made some very mild, but nice tweaks. Please check it out and let us know what you think!



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