Darkovia's Vampire Castle is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Friday, October 19, 2018

The Vampire King Awaits you...

In this week's AdventureQuest 3D Double Feature of spooky releases... the Vampire Castle is live! The story of Darkovia continues into the lair and throne room of the Vampire King.

No spoilers for Darkovia: Part III !

This is something you really need to experience for yourself. So this design notes is 100% spoiler free... login and head to the town of Darkhurst to continue your adventure.

2018 Mogloween Collection... is that a Chainsaw hand?

Be sure to check out this year's new collection. Thyton's Mummy design is equal parts awesome, horrifying, and the chainsaw hand is all the yes. The RIP ROD travel form in the screenshot below is probably the best thing we ever made.

Moglin Pets!?

You may have seen players in-game with the pets from the Moglin Kickstarter. (Moglin Kickstarter Backers, be sure to check your email!)

If you missed the Kickstarter... here is your second chance!

See you in game! I would write more... but I have a certain Vampire King to battle my way too.

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