Vane the Void King... everything we know.

Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Vane, Void King is the largest threat to our world

You were chosen as Death's (aka The Grim Reaper's) champion for one reason... to become powerful enough to find and defeat the Void King. But you are not the only one amazing skill and power.


Vane is the main villain of AdventureQuest 3D's storyline. If you have not already started playing and made it through the intro. Please stop reading and go do so first.

The History of Vane is yet unknown

When Death hurled us out of the underworld, unprepared to face our adversary... he did not exactly tell us much. His armor may give some small clues to his past, but what he is or where he comes from remains very much shrouded in mystery. However, Vane certainly seemed to know who you are.

Vanes Powers... also unseen

As we charged out of the Underworld to confront Vane... he too had just freshly escaped. He was standing eerily still and looking out into the vast world. Why? What was he thinking about inside that horrific armor skull head of his? We may not know that. But we do know-- he is extremely strong. The way he flung you around, it was almost as if he was unhindered by physics. He did not use any special skills or abilities during the fight. Which makes sense. Why would a gladiator use their ultimate killer combo to step on a bug? We have no idea what Vane is actually capable of. That is to say... what Vane is capable of himself. Which brings me to far more disturbing news.

Breaking News! Vane is gathering allies

Rumors have been pouring in that the Void King is assembling a pantheon of monstrous and villainous allies. Military strategists surmise that these moves indicate nothing less than a full fledged invasion of our continent. The Rogues guild has knowledge that there are far more subversive moves in play.

We must learn everything we can about Vane. What he is. What he is capable of. And what it will take for you to defeat him. If even a fraction of the things I heard are true... you and your friends will be the worlds only hope.

Art Credit: The image from this post was made from Crulon's digital painting of Vane from the Artix Entertainment 2019 Calendar which is available at now.


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