Volcanic Parkour! Just released

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Attention all Dragonslayers!

Sizzling hot new parkour map is now available in Ashfall for all players who completed its dragon-filled saga. Read on for details.

Volcanic Parkour Reward Armor

Hottest Parkour Challenge Yet!

This parkour challenge is our hottest yet. Located in the center of an active volcano it has three paths. It will take more than fancy jumping to complete. If you can beat it... the reward is worthy!

Flaemborne set

REWARD! Flameborn Set

Created by Darkon, this wicked lava themed set includes a trident.

Be sure to Complete the Dragons of Ashfall Saga first!

Complete the Dragons of Ashfall saga in order order to enter the new volcanic parkour challenge. Meet the order of DragonSlayers, and their leader, Galanoth as they prepare for the most dangerous mission of their lives... into the heart of a dragon-infested volcano.

The Ashfall story area starts around level 13. You can access it from the map, travel crystal, or on foot if you walk walk the way through DoomWood.

How to get to Volcanic Parkour

Once you have completed the Ashfall story, you will be able to go to the Volcanic Parkour map from your map, or travel crystal. That's a lot of ways to get there. Also, you can walk into the right side door on the side of the volcano >_>

Ashfall Dragon

Too hot to handle? Train up on these easier parkour maps first

If this is your first time parkouring in AdventureQuest 3D? We recommend beating and earning the badges from these other challenges first.

Box Springs

Box Springs

the 1st Parkour map. Located in Greenguard forest's "Fort Sneed".

Mouse Hole Wall Parkour

A secret parkour map if you can find a way to shrink and get into the mouse hole in Yulgar's Inn


Alata's Parkour Cavern

Near the mushmen in the Dragon Graveyard

Underworld Parkour... with SKULL LAZORS

There is one place in Dage's Underworld that will truly put your jumping skills to the test. Reach the top and claim a new title. But to do so... you will have to overcome vanishing ledges and LAZOR shooting skulls.

Volcanic Parkour

Volcanic Parkour - Just released

When you are ready, give the new Volcanic Parkour map a go. Good luck all!


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