Vote Kick! AdventureQuest Version 1.51.0

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The "Just for KICKS" one

New in version 1.51.0

The newest version of AdventureQuest 3D (allows you to punt away-from-keyboard players from your dungeon and more features including...

New Character Creation

Who forgot to update the customization screen that new players get in character creation! We did X_X. But not any more! Not it has all the fancy pants bells and whistles that the barbershop one uses. Also, we moved around some buttons for players on those shiny new big screen phones with super wierd sizes and the weird widow's peak camera location.

Dungeon Vote Kick

So there you are, in a public dungeon, about to take on ultra mega, super Dai Tengu.... and sure enough, that SAME PLAYER goes AFK on you for the millionth time!!! No more. Dagger's new vote kick system will allow you to punt them to make room for someone who is ready to swing their sword or cast their spells at your side.

How To?

  • Click on their portrait... and click on Vote Kick!
  • Or, you can target them and type /votekick <their character name>  into chat
  • Or target a player and type /votekick
  • Available in public dungeons
  • You can activate vote kick after 3 minutes as long as there are at least 4 players
  • Vote kick requires 75% (rounded up) of player votes
  • There are some anti-griefing measures
  • This is a really good feature for the community, but, no doubt, someone will find a way to abuse it. When it does happen, their punishment will be swift, brutal and probably funny.

New Ping System!

This feature was not near exciting enough to warrant that exclamation point. But we fixed that bonkers Lag Meter. Some times it seemed that meter has a mind of its own.  Rest assured your ping times are 68% more... um, pingy! (Note: This is not the lag fix that we are working on. But it will give you a far more accurate picture of what your latency really is.)

Live Event Shop Updated

Did you hang onto those coins from the live events!? The live event shop has been updated. Check out the shop on Serenity in Yulgar's In.....



Why are these live!?


....they were supposed to go live with the content release later this week.


Oh man...

I, uh... oh man....

Excuse me.

I gotta get to work on those...

(Feel free to recommend names and descriptions for them in the comment section below)







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