Just released! AdventureQuest 3D version 1.18.5 #WeBrokeItForABit

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Our newest game update included a mutant ninja server crashing bug that assaulted our server hamsters.

Thank you for your patience during our downtime and server crashes earlier today. Also, props to the coders for staying and doing whatever it took until the issue was found, patched, and released so we could all get back in and play.

New Game Version 1.18.5

Ever wonder why our game versions have so many numbers and periods? Me too. But this update is definitely the most "point five-iest" of them all.

  • New Random Adventures!
  • New Craft-able items (Use the battle gems you get from random adventures)
  • Fixed that issue where your Daily Chest would not load properly (It was leaving the Chest unopened and still in your inventory.)
  • Fixed that issue where fishing nodes could get stuck and stop working. (Go fish?)
  • Fixed fullscreen images on certain resolutions where the close button was cut off.
  • The item panel on a Dungeon Load screen will no longer be duplicated by triggering it multiple times.
  • Gravity should now apply immediately on moving platforms (again).

Did anyone notice everyone got 20 more inventory slots in the last patch? Meanwhile, this week's special Artix Entertainment Game Jam is going well. It feels like morale is at an all time high. Really think we needed this creative outlet.

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