Just released! The Werewolf Coliseum

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Darkovia Part IV: The Werewolf Coliseum is live!

Journey to the vampire and werewolf infested forest of Darkovia to begin your journey from Darkhurst, through the crypts of Vampire Castle, to the throne room of the Werewolf Coliseum.

New Werewolf areas, cutscenes, quests, and items!

The original Darkovia was split into multiple questlines using our old system. We merged it all together into one, unified, easy to follow, story. this means, all players will need to start from the beginning. Which is great-- because you will get all of the story XP to help you level up, or gain level capstones.

The Werewolf Throne Room

The Lycans are ruled by the Were-King and the council of Senators. They are in command of the legions of werewolves who battle against the vampires.

Fans of history may note the Roman Empire-like structure of the Lycans. From their military ranks to their love of the Coliseum, their laws & honor code supersede their feral instincts.

The Werewolf Coliseum

To the Lycans, "might makes right". Theirs is a culture of strength and power. All matters are solved through combat in the arena.

the Coliseum is a place of blood and sand. There, one can earn their place with victory... or perhaps even ascend to the throne.

The Werewolf Alcove

Darkovia forest is a place of perpetual darkness... but it has hidden beauty. Upon completing the Vampire's story, you will gain the ability to enter the giant stone wolf-head doors to this place... the Werewolf Alcove. I would not recommend eating the mushrooms.


Lycan Armor Sets

Whether you intend to embrace the curse of lycanthropy or merely ally yourself with the wolves, craft these items to show your loyalty.

The Werewolves have an Alternate History

Protected by their ghostly ancestors, deep with in the Lycan's library... you will find the old laws inscribed on stones. I am not saying you could stage a take-over with these rules... but, you probably will. Also, the werewolves have an alternative description of the prophecy of the Blood Moon. Things are getting interesting.


Werewolf or Lycan?

Werewolf and Lycan... they mean the same thing. Lycan is a word that comes from "Lycanthrope", which is the curse that makes you into a Werewolf. In our world, it is appropriate to call them by either title.


3 Werewolves howling at the moon

We hope you enjoy this new storyline release. Next up, will be the Werewolf Coliseum challenge fights with new gear. Then, it is time for the climatic finale.  Werewolves and vampires will embrace their true destiny in the climatic finale.... Darkovia 5: The Blood Moon.

Also, as promised... you are roughly one week away from officially earning the "I made it through 2020" badge! You got this. Battle on!


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