Werewolf Boss Challenge!

Glisel | Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Challenge The Werewolf King!

Constantine is challenging Lucianus Rex to be the new king of the Lycan Conclave. Help him defeat the king in this challenge version of the epic boss fight from the conclusion of Darkovia part IV.

The Challenge! Redux!

Replay this epic scene from Darkovia part IV as a challenge with your team! The Challenge is for level 30+ players only and can be played with up to 5 party members.

The Spoils

When you successfully help Constantine, a chest will appear with the chance to drop any of the Bone Wolf and Ragnar Coliseum armor set items and weapons. It will also drop a random stack of Token of Challenge which you can turn in to the Coliseum Spoils shop to craft the items you are missing. The Coliseum Spoils shop also has two new weapons which can only be gotten from the shop: the Lycan Bone Saw and Lycan Bone Chopper.

Wasn't This Already Released?

Last week, we snuck in the challenge with the Frost Siege and 2020 badge and items. Players have since found it and reported some bugs that we missed. Now those bugs are fixed and the challenge is ready for everyone.

Don't worry. We also patched the Frost Siege bugs. Don't forget to clear your cache and...

Battle On!

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