Westmere Saga: Mission II

Rellik | Thursday, February 24, 2022

Greetings Heroes! Thyton has recently received intel on a new threat to Lore… Visit him in Westmere for more info on this latest threat and help him stop it! Thyton's birthday shop has also returned with a new addition. Make sure you stop by his NPC and take a look.

The Return to Westmere

There are still monsters infected with Bane roaming Westmere. It's not safe for the townspeople to stay, but they won't go. Log in to help Thyton find the root of the Bane problem, and put a stop to it!


Deep in the Westmere Mine, the mysterious Murin has set up an extensive operation… but what is it for? Investigate the mine and collect her research notes for Thyton, and he will reward you with some new equipment.

Thyton’s Birthday Shop!

There is a new addition to Thyton's Birthday Shop. These Warped Wings are a great fit whether you're a Warpmancer or Warpslinger.

  • Warped Wings
  • Warpslinger set
  • Warpmancer set
  • Crossfire and Longshot (pistol)
  • Dustmaker and Spite (pistol)

Westmere Mine

Use your ninja stealth to investigate the mine with Thyton. Watch out for traps and prepare for this mission to get... explosive.

Westmere Mine Challenge

Return to the Westmere Mine with a party after you complete the story for the repeatable level 20+ dungeon and level 30+ challenge! Collect Murin's Research Notes and use them to craft Bane Corrupted Equipment.

Bane Corrupted Equipment (level 31)

  • Bane Ornithon set
  • Bane Ornithon Shroud (alternate back)
  • Bane Ornithon Visage (helm)
  • Earth Shatter
  • Bane Stinger (bow)
  • Bane Aura Potion

Bane Weapon Crafting (level 20-22)

Accept Thyton’s Bane Weapon Crafting quests before you head into the repeatable dungeon or Challenge to gather the required materials to craft your own Bane Weapons in the Bane Weapon Merge Shop.

  • Bane Hand Cannon
  • Bane Cannon Gauntlets
  • Bane Propelled Gauntlets
  • Bane Blade
  • Bane Crystal Saw
  • Bane Quills
  • Bane Scepter
  • Nevermore
  • Crystalline Bane Basher

A new Adventure Menu!

We’ve built an all new Adventure Menu for you to use! This should be easier and more intuitive to navigate for new and veteran players alike. Check it out and give us your feedback!

Content Creator Highlight

To show our appreciation for all the amazing content creators, we’re highlighting a new video every week! This week, we’d like to show our appreciation for Helimod, who made a lovely Valentine’s Day poem for his favorite dev. Check it out below, and make sure you like and subscribe!


Coming soon to AQ3D

March is fast approaching, which means Dage’s Birthday is almost here! Be prepared for an all new dark and deadly Dage Collection… Keep an eye on Dage’s twitter for sneak peeks of his work on the collections for AQ3D and AQW.

See you in-game.

Battle on!
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