What do Game Devs REALLY do with Surveys?

Artix Krieger | Monday, June 29, 2020

Do you want to know... THE TRUTH!?

Can you handle the truth? Because we released a survey to players of AdventureQuest 3D last week. Which begs the question... what do Game Devs REALLY do with surveys?

To find out... we created another survey!


Did you take the survey above?

Do it quick and come back. We will wait.

... waiting ....


>_> Man, was the meta.

This is 100% why you keep me around.

What Game Devs Really do with Surveys

Last week's survey only ran for a ver short time. We collected 1,000 responses from players. We were surprised that the survey started getting shared around on the AQ3D Facebook groups and discord servers, LOL!

Rabblefroth read each and every answer, and tagged them into categories. It was a lot of work.  The vast majority of messages were so positive... it was crazy. Then, we spent the majority of this week's team meeting going over the findings. Our goal was simple.... look for things that are repeated over and over again, that we can fix/change/improve.

Here are some of the findings...

Top 3 Issues

  • Bugs
  • Disconnecting
  • Jump Button on Mobile

Top Wants

  • Guilds
  • Clearer Story
  • Combat Enhancements
  • Trade Skills / Trade
  • Inventory Improvement
  • PvP

Needless to say, the coding team are on those Top 3 issues like flies on Frogzard dung. (Ewwwwww.) We now have a working design doc for guilds & and trade skills. It was not so much that we did not know what we wanted to build next... but we wanted the certainty that we were indeed working on the right things.

The end result of this survey? It seems we are very much thinking alike. Thank you for everyone who participated. Of course, you are always welcome to drop additional notes here in the comment section of the post. (I could actually tell who some of you were on the survey because you write in a very distinct style.)

I really do not know what big corporations do with surveys, but we read and take them very seriously. Thank you so much for having done the same!





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