Wiggly Whompa & House Bug Bashing

Blaze | Thursday, March 28, 2024

Great Greetings and Sweet Salutations! 

Welcome to the whimsical world of AQ3D, where weekly wonders await as we craft creative content for warriors worldwide. In this week’s whirlwind, we whipped up our new April Fool’s event, bashed a bunch of bugs, and gave a glimmering Gold Boost to every player! 

While we wished to give Grenwog goodies + returning April Fools loot this week, our hands were overflowing with tantalizing tasks – and melting chocolate. Fear not my friends, for sweet surprises are simmering and shall soon be summoned during next week’s release! 

Now is the moment to marvel at the magnificence happening here, heroes:

Wiggly Whompa’s Whimsical Writing 

Calling all gallant gamers and valiant voyagers! Prepare to be enchanted by the whimsical words of Wiggly Whompa. Delivered directly by the dashing dapper chocolatier himself, dive into the daring delights of his decadent Design Notes right here!

Whompadoodle Caboodle 

At Wiggly Whompa’s Chocolate Experience, you will be taken on a ride of whimsy and wonder. Complete the quests given by Wiggly and his Whompadoodles and you will be rewarded with Whompa Jelly Beans! Trade in these beans at the “gift shop” (the Whompadoodle behind the desk at the front) and you can get your very own set of Whompadoodle attire! The mysterious chocolate maker The Unknown also has some drops for those daring enough to defeat him. 

Did I mention the Wiggly Whompa Housing Collection! Get your hands on all sorts of props and a new map for building the house of your dreams! Speak to the green-haired Whompadoodle who will happily take your jelly beans in exchange for desirable Whompadoodle attire! And it’s a good thing there’s enough jellies going around, unlike the super sad jelly bean shortage of Glasgow, circa 2024. 

Sweet Gold Boost 

Wiggly Whompa knows this is your “golden ticket” to glory! Enjoy 2x Gold rewards until next week’s release. Plus, Gold Boost tokens can be bought from the Potion Shop in the menu for an additional 50% Gold boost. 


Major Housing Fixes

Last week we released the brand-new and highly-anticipated feature, Player Housing! Players are LOVING it and are building absolutely amazing things that are legit blowing our minds. Unfortunately, the awesomeness of housing was legit crashing mobile devices, so Broomtool, Blaze, and the AQ3D team have been rolling out fixes in order to make housing bug-free on Android and Apple. We also just released a major update in this week’s release that should dramatically improve housing performance on mobile. We sincerely apologize for the crashes housing caused, but we are thankful for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate this brand-new game-changing adventure together! 

Lucky Day going away

This is the last week to get Lucky Day loot! The time is nigh to tackle the test of the Clover Crusaders, for they'll soon vanish from our verdant vistas. Venture forth, collect Clover Leaves, and confront Lucky Day legends for a chance to pluck the prized Crown of the Clover Conqueror and Prosperity's Plunder – with a seriously sensational 7.77% success rate! 

Last chance to score these wings!

The Wings of the Astral Veil are only available for a limited time – and that time is running out! To get these amazing wings, all you need to do is purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Spectral Wings of the Astral Veil, a ghostly variant that is for Guardians only.

🚨 Come release next week, these wings will no longer be available, so now is your final chance to get the Wings of the Astral Veil! Purchase any package in the upgrade shop to claim your Wings 🪽

Crazy Contest: Design a Poster for Burger Hero

So many entries… and so little thyme 😆 The Burger Hero Poster Contest is underway and we’ve received so many sizzling submissions so far – but this contest ends super soon! Submit your awesome art no later than 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 1, 2024 on the Burger Hero Contest Google Form.

Sandbox Screenshot Contest

There have been no shortage of contests this month! Might be the most amount of contests in Artix history 😅 We are celebrating the release of our newest feature by welcoming all players to showcase their creativity by designing houses, creating items, and building parkour courses. Full contest rules can be found here, and please note that we’ve extended the deadline an additional week to allow our beloved players extra time to build their masterpieces! You are all soooo talented, and we are blown away by all the submissions we are seeing so far. Keep up the amazing work, heroes!

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