Wild Wolves win!

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 20, 2018

Back Cape unlocked and now available for all players!

Congratulations to the winner camp of the 2nd Camp Gonnagetcha war-- The Wild Wolves! Login now to get your Wild Wolves back flag  (available for all players for 500g)

Final Score

Wild Wolves - 100%
Dread Spiders - 59%

Both sides fought with honor and bravery, unlocking their 25% and 50% bonus items. You can go to the camp counselors and craft them until Camp Gonnagetcha dissapears.... but fear not, there will be another Friday the 13th this year.

QUESTION: When the next Friday the 13th comes... what should the two camp teams be?

Special message from Dottie: "Golly! I hope none of those campers attacked their own mascots during the event. that would invoke an ancient curse that would make Shrade THAT much more powerful on the next Friday the 13th!"




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