Winners: Dage and Faith Fan Art Contest

Glisel | Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Your Devotion (and skill) is Rewarded

On September 6th, Dage and Faith sealed their love in immortality on the top of a mountain. On Monday, they returned from their destination wedding to see the offerings of their fans in the form of incredible artworks.You have given your allegiance, (some of you offered up your souls), and now your talent to Dage the Evil. For this, Dage and Faith are truly humbled and honored. So, we decided, who better to choose the winners than Dage himself?

Best Traditional Dage and Faith Art (as their in-game characters)

Grand Prize Winner (6,660 ACs)

- @Slox_aqw on Twitter (AQW IGN: Slox)

1st Runner Up (666 DragonCoins)

- @DaFeelinsMutual on Twitter

2nd Runner Up (666 ACs)

- @iwenttohell on Twitter (AQW IGN: Mason Phantom)


Most Unique Dage and Faith Art (IRL or in-game selves)

Grand Prize Winner (6,660 DCs)

- @GD_DaggerMouth (AQ3D IGN: Grim Deal)

1st Runner Up (666 ACs)

- @reflet_aq3d (AQW IGN: Claribel)

2nd Runner Up (666 ACs)

- @HoloHoloHHolo (AQW IGN: Black Knight Dawn)


Most Creative Dage and Faith Art

Grand Prize Winner (6,660 ACs or DCs)

- @decandoart (IGN AQ3D: decando /IGN AQW: bone call)

1st Runner Up (666 ACs)

- @95_nitram (AQW IGN: Nitram)

2nd Runner Up (666 ACs)

- @Ihaddadoittoem (AQW IGN: Uizzo)


Thank you to everyone who submitted and congratulations to our winners! You can view all of the art submissions on the Artix Krieger Facebook Page Keep an eye out for our next Fan Art Contest and, of course, Screenshot Saturday.

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