Meet Winnie -- Seamstress Extraordinaire!

Glisel | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

There's a new face in Battleon!

Our home town just got brighter & happier today

Winnie is a Seamstress Extraordinaire who is looking to put you into something Amazing! Visit her market stall in Battleon for gold items and crafting sets.

  • New Items
  • New Quests
  • New Crafts
  • New Shop
Winnie in the town of battleon


If her name sounds familiar, that's because she is a real life AdventureQuest 3D artist! Her most recent work in a release was the majority of the Heroes Heart items, including the adorable pink Moglin and Vampragon pets. Her inspiration comes from her own real life wardrobe, her cosplays... and from you, the players! Recently she asked Twitter what kind of sets you'd like to see in AQ3D and she received a wide range suggestions she's excited to incorporate.


The Shop

You can find Winnie's NPC in Battleon at her market stall by Yulgar's Inn. She's dedicated to helping you find the right clothes to fit your personal style.  The Garment Shop has a beautiful set ready to purchase for gold. Looking for something that's tailored to your style? There are also Sewing Quests to bring her the items she needs to make Fashion Crafts or Tailoring Dyes... you know, to fit your aesthetic.

The Garment Shop

  • Fortune-Hunter Vested Outfit (armor)
  • Fortune-Hunter Sleek Outfit (armor)
  • Fortune-Hunter Shoulders
  • Fortune-Hunter Gloves
  • Fortune-Hunter Boots
  • Fortune-Hunter Belt

Fashion Crafts

  • Frontier Scout Blade (weapon)
  • Frontier Scout Wrap (back)
  • Frontier Scout Gloves
  • Frontier Scout Boots
  • Frontier Scout Gunbelt (belt)
  • Frontier Scout Outfit (armor)
  • Imperial Alchemist Robes (armor)
  • Imperial Alchemist Gloves
  • Imperial Alchemist Footwear
  • Imperial Alchemist Belt

How do seamstresses travel? Stich-hiking!

We believe skulls are an evergreen type fashion. They sorta go with everything.


Give Winnie a warm welcome in the comments or on Twitter  and let her know how much you like her shop!

Coming later this week-- sneak peek of the new monsters in the upcoming Heartwood Forest (Which has sooooo too many cutscenes. Thanks & good luck animating those Korin and Xentry!)

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