The World Tree

Tomorrow... The World Tree!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, April 5, 2018

Do you have what it takes to traverse the elemental planes?

Tomorrow morning (Friday), around noon, we will bring the servers down for about an hour to release the newest version of AdventureQuest 3D and the first of our 2-part saga, THE WORLD TREE!

Do not fall off the World Tree

THE WORLD TREE IS BIG... So, do not fall off it.

I just finished a walk-through of the World Tree with Slifsgaard (The Shaman) and Vesper. Slifsgaard loved it! He was legitimately surprised at how far we took it. Based on their smiles and surprised reactions, I really think you are going to enjoy this. There are a lot of new items, monsters, areas, 2 exploration challenges, a few hidden boxes, a new feature that is really fun-- especially when you realize it is always available and may have uses outside of the story quests.

The World Tree is pretty different from our last several releases. The maps are colorful and beautiful-- so are the armors. The story is a series of trails that will introduce players to the Elemental Planes... explaining some often asked questions about what that dark version of Greenguard really is. This is an essential world story area, which is why we set it to level 8. In our redesigned world map, it will happen just before you reach DoomWood. We scaled it so that all players can enjoy it. The items are appropriately leveled from 8 to 9. You will find many of the items are cosmetically desirable-- especially the Spirit Animal Masks which you can start earning after the main story is complete.

Next Friday, is... Friday the 13th. Camp Gonnagetcha will re-appear, geographically modified so that both camps are equidistant for fairness, with two brand new mascot animals. I am not sure if Cysero leaked them already... but we will kick off new week with a design notes post that shows off the mascot logos!

In the Part II, the finale of the World Tree, you will use your newfound power to bring the saga to its dramatic conclusion, and also unlock special challenge fights of the 4 "Elemental Aspects". This will be how you earn your masks. Worth taking note of their masks when you encounter them tomorrow!

Since I am rambling.... we have already begun production on the Dragon's Graveyard. It looks nothing like I expected. I would 100% vacation there. (I know what you are thinking, "Of course you would vacation there Artix... graveyard.. undead!" -- but no, it is really, really beautiful!) We were guided in this direction by Zakaru. I sent him some screenshots but have not heard his feedback yet. Dage has been texturing his NPC too... a half-dragon Necromancer.

As I write this last sentence, we are "pencils down" on the Shaman's World Tree and in final testing. Cross your fingers, claws, tendrils, or paws for an awesome release tomorrow-- see you on the World Tree!

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