Yokai / AIC Screenshot Saturday Winners

Glisel | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Thank You

Over 200 screenshots were submitted for the Yokai & Alice in Chains Screenshot Saturday! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this Screenshot Saturday competition. There were so many excellent images to choose from... this was a very difficult decision. The winners received either an unreleased Black Friday item or the Mosh Mage armor set.


1. IGN: BOY BAWANG (@boybawangaq3d) - Reward: Black Knight Axe and Shield

2. IGN: Civ (@NotDage) - Reward: Black Knight Katana

3. IGN: FamousKid (@FamousKidAQ3D) - Reward: Mosh Mage Armor Set

4. IGN: HuntTrek (@HuntTrek) - Reward: Mosh Mage Armor Set

5. IGN: MapCurse (@MapCurse) - Reward: Mosh Mage Armor Set

6. IGN: X_Simyco_X (@X_Simyco_X) - Reward: Black Knight Sword

Special Prize

IGN: AZ_Leun (@Leun_Rm)

Some of you submitted several screenshots. AZ_Leun was one of these people. However, they submitted so many amazing screenshots that I couldn't choose just one as a winner. For their excellence, I decided to give a special award of one unreleased Black Friday item and one unreleased Cyber Monday item.

- Reward: Cyber Monday Doorbuster Sword + Black Knight Katana

Here are a few of AZ_Leun's best screenshots

As usual, the winners already have their prizes in their inventory. Congratulations winners!

P.S. The Alice in Chains battle concert is only available for a few more days! Play it while you can and complete concert quests before they go perma-rare!

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