Yokai Island Part 2: Story Release

Glisel | Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Story Continues

The story left off with you finding out that the Blade of the Deep needs a powerful fire crystal from the fire elemental Kagu-Tsuchi.

He won't give it to you until his father's sword is returned to him.

Yuki Jin thinks she knows who stole it...

Ten out of Tengu

Daitengu, a yokai who lives in the forest, has been rumored to have a powerful new weapon.

You must find Daitengu, fight him for Kagu-Tsuchi's stolen sword, and return it in exchange for the crystal.

Blade of the Deep Submarine

Power Up the Blade of the Deep

Use the crystal from Kagu-Tsuchi to fuel the submarine and begin the search for the 2nd piece of the trident.

Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship

The trident piece is in a sunken pirate ship, the Vengeance.

You must search it while fending off the pirate ghosts who went down with their ship.

I hope you can breathe underwater.

Great Sea Dragon

The Great Sea Dragon

The Vengeance was destroyed by the Great Sea Dragon, Ryujin, who guards this piece of the trident.

He won't know you're poking around down there... right?


Fisn created a hidden quest with a secret reward.

You'll have to read between the lines to find the pieces of this puzzle.

Work together as a community and you'll have no trouble.

None of the quest items are rare drops.

Blue Dragon Armor Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Challenge versions of the Tengu and Ryujin story points will be released in the coming updates.


Alice in Chains Battle Concert Happening Now

Alice in Chains Battle Concert

You only have until the end of this month to experience our newest battle concert featuring the legendary band, Alice in Chains!

Battle on!

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