Sneak Peek! Zakaru

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Necromancer? Half Dragon?

Behold! A sneak peek of the 3D model of Zakaru! You will encounter this half-dragon Necromancer in the the upcoming Dragon's Graveyard. Zakaru is our second "World Backer" from the Kickstarter. Like Slifsgaard, he is honored for this opportunity be the in the game, excited about this release, and most focused on creating something you will love and enjoy. We are really grateful (and impressed) at how both of our world tier backers are more concerned about your fun in the game than their egos. It speaks very highly about the quality and spirit of our amazing online community.

The 3D artwork of Zakaru was based the concept art Thyton drew (below) based on Zakuaru's description during his visit to the lab.

Zakaru Concept Art

One question remains... is Zakaru a character in the Dragon's Graveyard that is there to help you, or is he the villain? O_O


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