2019 Mogloween Collection

Glisel | Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Players are losing their heads over this year's Mogloween Collection!

...and then replacing them with flames, pumpkins, and riding around on a cursed horse. See for yourself.

Headless Horsepeople?

Replace your head with a flaming pumpkin or a flaming... flame?

The axe, flame sword, and Headless Horseman armor is wicked.

Wraps and Cound Mogula the Moglins

Mogloween Moglins

Introducing the infamous Count Mogula, and the ancient mummified Moglin named Wraps.


Headless Horseman Riding through Sleepy Holoow... erm.. Mystcroft

Ride through the streets on your horse as a cursed Headless Horseman using the new travel form...

2019 Mogloween Collection Available now!


  • Headless Horseman's Curse (TRAVEL FORM)
  • Count Mogula (Vampire Moglin PET)
  • Wraps (Mummy Moglin PET)
  • Fire Neck (Fiery HEAD REPLACEMENT)
  • Headless Horseman Suit (ARMOR)
  • Headless Horseman Pumpkin Head
  • Headless Horseman Axe
  • Headless Horseman Sword
  • Headless Horseman Pistols
  • Headless Horseman Cloak
  • Headless Horseman Boots
  • Headless Horseman Gloves
  • Headless Horseman Pauldrons
  • Headless Horseman Shoulders

You can get items in-game individually.

Or get the entire 2019 Moglin Collection which includes...

  • Rare badge "Mogloween Collector 2019"
  • Rare title "Head Hunter"
  • All the items
  • Huge discount
  • Permanent access to ALL of these items without eating up any bag space.




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