Get Your 2022 Frostval Collection!

Glisel | Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Huzzah, it’s here! Visit Blizzy in Battleon or in the town of Winter’s Grasp to get the 2022 Frostval Collection now. Buy the Collector’s Chest and get the title “Frosted”.

2022 Frostval Collection

  • Collector’s Chest (get all the items, plus a badge and title “Frosted”)
  • Chibi Clawful Suit
  • Chibi Clawful Suit Travel Form
  • Clawful Suit Travel Form
  • Frost Raven’s Beak
  • Frost Raven’s Hood
  • Frost Raven Feathered Pads
  • Frost Raven’s Cover (back)
  • Frost Raven’s Armor
  • Frost Raven’s Gauntlets
  • Frost Raven’s Drape (belt)
  • Frost Raven’s Boots
  • Frost Raven’s Beacon (weapon)
  • Frost Raven’s Long Sword
  • Frost Raven’s Daggers
  • Frost Raven’s Great Sword
  • Snow Walker Icicles (helm)
  • Snow Walker Iced Shoulders
  • Snow Walker Cape
  • Snow Walker Armor
  • Snow Walker Gloves
  • Snow Walker Belt
  • Snow Walker Boots
  • Icebreaker Axe
  • Winterscale Shoulders
  • Winterscale Cape
  • Winterscale Armor
  • Winterscale Gloves
  • Winterscale Belt
  • Winterscale Boots

2023 Artix Calendar Pre-Order!

Unlock Paladin Chronomancer exclusive in-game items for AQWorlds, AQ3D, DragonFable, EpicDuel & AQ Classic on Shipping starts in late Dec. Pre-Orders ship first, or you can SKIP THE LINE & save with the 20th Anniversary Bundle.

What’s in the 20th Anniversary Bundle?

  • Bundle Exclusive "Ultimate Fan" Badge & Title AQW / AQ3D
  • 2023 Collector's Edition Calendar
  • Paladin Chronomancer Print (Collectors edition exclusive )
  • BattleOn Guardian Enamel Pin
  • BattleOn Forever T-Shirt
  • Various character page badges and titles, and in-game items


See you in game and...

Happy Frostval!

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