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Glisel | Monday, September 14, 2020

Talk to Faith to Learn Our New Fishing Trade Skill!

Faith is on the Battleon Bridge waiting to teach you how to fish. The new fishing system will take you all over Lore with new quests and new fishing NPCs.

Gone Fishing in AdventureQuest 3D

Fishing Quests

Start your quests with Faith, and meet new fishing NPCs in other maps throughout the fishing quest line. You will earn levels in fishing to get better fishing rods and fish in nodes with rarer fish. Track your progress as you level up your fishing skill on the Character tab in the game menu. 

*Note: All is not lost. Quests from the previous fishing have been moved on to Fischer and work with the revamped fishing.

Fishing Spots

See the swirling colors in a body of water? That's a fishing node. Nodes are designated fishing spots that require a specific base rod power level to fish there. Higher power nodes include rarer fish, and rarity levels are visually represented by the node color. If your rod isn't powerful enough, an alert will appear in the chat to let you know what power level your rod needs to be to fish in that node.

Equip a stat rod to start fishing. Click on a node to see how many fish are left in it and its power level. If a node gets crowded with players, it will run out of fish faster. Nodes disappear when empty, so keep an eye on the counter. Sometimes more than one node will appear in a body of water at a time, but they may not be the same color, so good luck!

Current Quest Fishing Spots

  • Battleon
  • Battleon Bridge
  • Sneevil Springs
  • Pointe Less Isle
  • Island of the Dead

+ non-quest fishing spots for you to discover on your own!

Mini Game

The fishing mini game is pretty easy. There is a tutorial to give everyone a hand with their first few casts.  When you catch a fish, you'll see a notice in the chat box and the fish will be added into the new Resources tab in your Inventory. And good news... Fish do not take up inventory slots!

If you catch a rare fish, congratulations! These give higher XP, can be used in Fish Snack recipes, and sell for more gold. You'll know the rarity of the fish by the color of the target area in the mini game.

Fishing Rods and New Fishing NPCs

There are new fishing NPCs which have additional fishing quests after you complete Faith's quest line. All fishing NPCs have stat rods available to buy for gold at all levels. You can also earn more stat rods and cosmetic ones from these NPCs.

Fish Snacks (Fishy Yums)

Fish Snacks are crafting consumables which provide you with temporary stat and XP boosts. They are crafted in stacks of five, made from the fish you catch. There are five levels of Fish Snacks which give increasingly better boosts. Each snack requires a base of 10 common fish, plus 1 specific rare fish for more powerful boosts (recipes change by map).

Hey! What about my old fishing quests?

Go to Fischer in the Battleon Social District to complete your progress on Faith's original fishing quests. The Antique Fish Research is where you will turn in your fish to complete the quests. On Fischer you can also get fishing rods and an armor set, and cosmetic bobbers to buy and craft.

Let's Fish in adventureQuest 3D

Go fish!

You can raise your fishing level all the way to 50 unlocking some rewards.  As new major sagas are added, new fishing spots, levels, and rewards will be added.




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