Legion VS Paladin Assault

Glisel | Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Team vs Team Event Map

It's time for the Undead Legion's Soul Harvest!  As Legion forces advance to harvest Paladin souls for Dage....  Lionfang's Golden Order of Paladins is fighting back! Choose a side and fight for glorious victory and epic gear.

Legion vs Paladin

How to Play

Head to your home town of Battleon and talk to the Legion or Paladin Emissary to join the fight! They are at the base of the bridge in town. Select your repeatable quests to earn crafting tokens before traveling to this intense new 5 vs 5 map.

Legion vs Paladin Map

This is a Team vs Team Siege!

The ultimate goal is to fight your way through enemy defenses and defeat the enemy leader. But beware... both sides are heavily defended. You will have to use strategy and work together with other players and your side's soldiers. Defend barricades and build catapults to help your invasion.

Assault Enemy Base

PvP Version coming soon!

In this version of the assault, you can attack enemy monsters, but not other players. You will be excited to know that we are already testing the full player-vs-player version and are looking forward to bring it into the game.

fight for your Side

Fight for your side...

The Golden Order and the Legion start on opposite sides of a map under siege by the other. Protect your allies as you fight through and advance to the opposing side. Golden Order Paladins fight alongside ethereal Apparitions and a Pala-Tron while the Legion has monster allies.

Battle for either the Legion or the Paladins. Both sides have unique rewards. Currently, the story does not lock you to picking one faction... so you are able to earn the rewards from both. (This may change in the future.)

Paladins of the Golden Order

The Paladins

The Golden Order

The Paladin Maxmillian Lionfang is best described with only two words:  "lawful" and "good". As a staunch defender of the light and order he seeks to cleanse all evil from the land. To Lionfang, anything less than lawful good is considered evil. It should come as no surprise that he has declared war against Dage and his Undead Legion. Even now his Paladins of the Golden Order fight fearlessly to destroy and cleanse those lost souls for the light. At the battle taking place now, you will find...

  • Commander Morningstar - One of Lionfang's most trusted Paladin Commanders. The Legion is coming for him. Defend him at all costs.
  • Lieutenant Shatterstar - Overseeing the Paladins, they are also a high target for the legion. Defend her at all costs.
  • Siegemaster Rhea - She will help build Catapults and repair Barricades, and give you quests to destroy enemy ones.
  • Armorsmith Balor - Has a supply shop and special quests.

Undead Legion Soul Harvest

The Undead Legion

Dage's Soul Harvest

Only once each year, Dage's Undead Legion rides out for the Soul Harvest. They must battle and defeat worthy heroes.  It can only happen one time a year, and without it, the Legion would lose its power and fall apart. But over the last year, the Paladins of the Golden Order have been relentlessly hunting members of the Legion and destroying Legion portals. Offended by their dishonorable sneak attacks, Dage demands justice. Currently assaulting a Golden Order keep you will find...

  • Brocus the Dreadstrider - One of Dage's Legates. The Paladins consider slaying him their highest priority.  Defend him at all costs.
  • Lieutenant Dreadshadow - Overseeing the skeletal forces, they are also a high target for the Legion. Defend him at all costs.
  • Siegemaster Grimlock - He will help build Catapults and repair Barricades, and give you quests to destroy enemy ones.
  • Armorsmith Henlock - Has a supply shop special quests.


Slaying your enemies in the assault gives you Assault Tokens which can be used to buy Deployable Catapult Kits and Barricade Repair Kits from your Siegemaster or trade them in for Boss Medallions.

Turn in your medallions at your Armorsmith (or Battleon NPC) for these rewards!


Legion Rewards

  • Legion Assault Staff
  • Legion Assault Hammer
  • Legion Assault Hand Cannon

Paladin Rewards

Paladin Rewards

  • Morningstar's Helm
  • Morningstar's Pauldrons
  • Golden Order Assault Hammer
  • Golden Order Assault Spear
  • Golden Order Assault Sword

A Big Battlefield

The Battlefield awaits!

The battle between the Legion and the Paladins is happening now... hop in and join the action. Just head to town.

See you on the Battlefield....

Dage Collection

P.S.  This year's new Dage Collection has been released! Talk to the Legion Acolyte in town.



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