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Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 7, 2020

Every Adventure at your Finger Tips

Everything you wanted to know about the "Book of Lore" but were afraid to ask. Phase 1 is this handy adventure menu which is secretly in the game now. Well, it is there... but  invisible. You cannot actually see it yet. Not until we finish some fixes and flip the switch to make it live. When it goes live, it will be a clear & easy way to navigate the game as it grows. (Because right now... O_O it is chaos.)

The Adventure Menu will give you quick access to...

  • Main Story Quests
  • Side Quests
  • Quick Adventures
  • Daily Boss Fights
  • Parkour Challenges
  • Just Released Things
  • Special Events, Holiday, and Seasonal Areas
  • ...anything else you think belongs in here.

See your progress through stories & adventures at a glance

"Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Einstein

My favorite feature is being able to see your progress through a saga at a glance. Because AdventureQuest 3D's story is not exactly linear, it is possible to jump around between areas and loose track of what you were doing, or even know where you *should* go next. This solves that problem. Clicking on an area will bring up a little info panel with a picture and description of the area too. Which is a huge improvement over how it works currently.

The Adventure Menu is smart!

The previous menus were built directly into the game. Which means, every time we added a new area we had to update the game client. The NEW Adventure Menu grabs the latest info from the database. We can update it on the fly. It is smart too. It can look at your level, what quests you have done, or what achievements you have and show you the correct stuff you should see.

Great! When does this go live!?

We are working on fixing up the menu order, taking the screenshots and putting the graphics in, and adding descriptions. There are a ton of odd "edge cases". That is, things like the Mouse Parkour area which you must discover before it becomes unlocked. But the description might give away what you need to do. There are also a few bugs. Like bonus quests causing the completion % to go over 100%. (My Yokai Challenge is currently at 133% LOL).

Our goal is to clean up what we have and release it ASAP. It will not be perfect, but it will be way better than what is in game now. Then, Phase II will be a round of improvements including any suggestions you have, new Icons, different text if an area is locked or unlocked, etc.

Book of Lore... can it be a book like in AQWorlds?

You betcha! Not in this 1st phase. But we are all thinking the same thing XD





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